WBro. Paul Shilabeer O.S. Presented with Patent of Appointment

8 Aug 2018 - 1:18pm

On Monday 18th June 2018 the Assistant Grand Secretary VWBro. Dr. Richard Num PDGS, attended the meeting of the the Prince of Wales Lodge No.14 where he presented WBro. Paul Shillabeer O.S. with his Patent of Appointment as Representative of the Grand Lodge of  Grande Loja Maconica do Estado de Sao Paulo at or “near” our Grand Lodge.

The Grand Representative System was designed to foster and encourage a closer bond of union and fraternal accord between Grand Lodges of the world by helping to establish the true spirit of Brotherhood and by promoting the principles of Masonic universality.

Grand Representatives are expected to attend the Grand Communications of our Grand Lodge and to sign on the Grand Representatives’ sheet.  When Fraternal Greetings are given at the closing of Grand Lodge, Represetatives should stand up with that senior Representative who has been called upon to bring greetings. 

Brethren planning to travel to the Jurisdiction may turn to the local Representative for information about visiting Lodges, factual information or contacts which will be helpful to them.  Thus appointment as a Grand Representative affords a new and different opportunity for “making a daily advancement”.

Basically, the job of being a Grand Representative entails a responsibility of communication; a challenge of public relations; an ability to be a fount of knowledge; and a continual satisfaction in being a force in “spreading the cement of brotherly love”.

WBro. Paul Shillabeer O.S. (L) being presented by VWBro. Dr. Richard Num PDGS

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