Working of the Higher Degrees of the Scottish Rite

17 Aug 2018 - 1:03pm

On Saturday 4th August 2018 senior Brethren of Region 5 [SA and NT] of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia gathered at the Marden Masonic Centre for the working of the Higher Degrees of the Rite. Brethren travelled from all parts of the Adelaide Metropolitan Area and from Darwin, Alice Springs and Whyalla.

(Above - 32° Candidates and the Officers involved in the Ceremony)

The first Ceremony saw Illustrious Brethren Adam Acton, Campbell Black and Angelos Giannakouras elevated to the 32° in a Ceremony presided over by Most Powerful Brother Peter Rowland 33°, Past Sovereign Grand Commander, in the office of Grand Commander in Chief.  He was assisted in the Ceremony by Very Illustrious Brother Alan Wells 33° as Lieutenant Grand Commander and a number of Very Illustrious and Eminent Brethren. The District Commanders, Very Illustrious Brothers John Carter, Alan Wells and Andrew Wilson had to be prepared to certify that the Candidates had rendered satisfactory service to the Rite over a period of at least three years since they had been elevated to the 31°.

In the working of the Degree the Candidates were reminded that they should strive to work for the benefit of others and not just for themselves.

In the second Ceremony Illustrious Brethren Peter Micallef, William O’Flaherty, Alan Price and Kenton Robertson were elevated to the 31°. Illustrious Brother Marcin Stankiewicz 32° presided over the Ceremony assisted by Very Illustrious, Eminent and Illustrious Brethren who occupied the various offices and delivered the instruction in the Degree.

(Above - 31° Candidates and the Officers involved in the Ceremony)

Again, these Candidates were confirmed to have rendered satisfactory service to the Rite over a period of at least three years since they were elevated to the 30°. These Candidates were reminded that whenever they make decisions in their daily lives they should be guided by the principles of justice and equity and that they should always remain courteous when dealing with people whose views on

any issue may differ from their own.

In each Ceremony the Regional Commander, Most Illustrious Brother Andrew Charlton 33°, as a member of the Supreme Council for Australia, conferred the degree on each Candidate.

The Ceremonies were followed by a formal Refectory at which toasts to the Candidates were proposed.

The Regional Recorder, Very Illustrious Brother Fred Pearmain 33° KCoM, handled the administrative arrangements for the day and the Refectory which was very well catered for by his daughter Sarah and her husband David.

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