The Grand Master’s Bushfire Appeal

The Grand Master MW Bro Dr Neil Jensen is thankful for the magnificent wave of donations which have been made to his recent Grand Master’s Bushfire Appeal which is now in excess of $132,000.

These donations included many local, interstate and international donations from a number of Australian and international jurisdictions. Of special note is the support given by our international brothers in Freemasonry, namely:

• the United Grand Lodge of England with their significant
donation of $50,000;
• the Grand Lodge of New Zealand with their donation of $6000;
• the Grand Lodge of New Caledonia with donation of $3000;
• the Supreme Council 33rd Degree of NMJ, USA with their donation of $15,900; and
• the Grand Lodge of Denmark with their donation of $6,600.

Another significant donation of $5000 was made by the Southern Freemasons.

The Grand Master, together with the Chairman of the Freemasons Foundation, The Honourable Dr Lynn Arnold AO, to which these donations have been lodged said that they shall go towards Fireproofing South Australia. Dr Jensen said: “I do take very seriously the distribution of the scarce resource that is money for the maximum better good. I do not wish to ever again see such devastation to human, animal and plant life and wish to see maximal preventive measures in place. I have every confidence that the CFS will do everything in their power to mitigate future risks”.

The CFS through their Chief Executive Officer, Mark Jones QFS and their Director of Operational Infrastructure and Logistics, Mr Lee Watson are undertaking a strategic review as to how these funds can be best used towards FIREPROOFING SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

Pictured, (L-R) Robert Clyne OAM, Company Secretary, Masonic Charities, Dr Neil Jensen, Grand Master & Director, Masonic Charities & Malcolm Schluter, Deputy Grand Master, Director, Masonic Charities following their meeting with the Country Fire Service (CFS).


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