Grand Lodge Technology Update

with Ten Gigabit Adelaide’s 10Gbps data

A fast internet that’s both reliable and secure is currently being rolled out throughout the Grand Lodge building.

The Grand Lodge recently connected to Ten Gigabit Adelaide, a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network. Work is currently being undertaken by the Clean Power Electrical Group to ensure the fibreoptic cabling is made available to all Masonic offices. This network will enable any business located the building to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal  data speeds.

The transformational network will also unleash a wide range of new possibilities for any business wishing to lease office space within the building, providing a distinct competitive edge over businesses that are not connected to the network.

Pictured L to R discussing the planning and upgrading of safety switches and lighting and the installation of the 10 Gig backbone fibre for the Grand Lodge building are Matthew Heaven, Director, @CleanPowerElectricalGroup, Ryan Mann, Freemason & Sales & Business Development Manager, @CleanPowerElectricalGroup, and Dr Neil Jensen, Grand Master, Freemasons SA&NT.


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