Research and Study

The Masonic Learning Committee (MLC) seeks to develop sustainable a ‘bottom up’ Masonic Learning framework aimed at providing individualized, specialised programs of learning.

It is based on an understanding that Masonic Learning while understanding that Masonic Learning has both a technical focus (e.g. understanding & interpreting ceremonies/ritual) and an educational focus (e.g. enquiry of the spiritual & philosophical ideas of the Renaissance & Enlightenment underpinning our ceremonies/ritual). Our programs are contemporary and future oriented – not simply historical and supporting lodges by providing Masonic Learning to candidates and brethren in respect of:

  • Philosophical content
  • Jurisdictional content
  • Skill set development

to develop a learning culture within Freemasonry in this jurisdiction.

Current programs include:

  • Masonic Learning Group 1 (for new Masons)
  • Masonic Learning Group 2 (a follow on from MLG1)
  • Masonic Diploma (a two-year guided learning program)


For more information on these programs please contact the Grand Lodge Office

Email | Phone 1300 357 999  | Fax (08) 8224 0755


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