Masonic Diploma Programme


The student will be required to submit work for assessment after each assignment has been studied in the scheduled time, and is assessed by members of the Masonic Learning Directorship Team, each of which is well experienced, and with training and assessment qualifications, and of the rank of at least Past Master. The team will assist the student throughout the course. Additional resource material is readily available and supplied in digital form, and with hard copies available from the Grand Lodge Library at Masonic Hall at North Terrace, Adelaide.

Enrolment Requirements

A candidate must be regular in dues and attendance at his Lodge. (A reference letter from the Lodge Secretary is  required before starting each stage).

The candidate must also present two masonic references from brethren of or above the rank of Past Master, expressing confidence about the candidate’s commitment to the Diploma Programme.

Additionally the candidate must present an introduction letter under his own hand, detailing why he wants to be  part of the diploma programme, his expectations and readiness to the required attendance and study commitment, together with a basic research paper of at least 600 words about the subject generally.

The Masonic Learning Directors retain the right to reject the application of the candidate after giving the application due consideration.

Irregularity in dues and Lodge attendance is  a primary reason for suspension from the programme.

Other considerations

Candidates for the programme should note that the Masonic Diploma can only be presented when the student has the Masonic rank of Past Master.

The Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory has full and irrevocable copyright over the Masonic Diploma Programme, and all documents and correspondence related with the programme.

This programme is provided only for brethren of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory.

Brethren from other jurisdictions can join to a particular variation of the programme with mutual agreement between the Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory and the Grand Lodge of the candidate.

A certificate is issued after the successful completion of Stages 1, 2 and 3 and a Diploma in Masonic Education (Dip. M.Ed.) is awarded after the successful completion of Stage 4. 

The successful diplomate may use the post nominals  Dip. M. Ed. after his name in all matters in official masonic business only. 

The fees for each stage of the programme is equal to the Grand Lodge membership dues for that year.


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