Masonic Diploma

The Masonic Education Course is a four stage, planned programme of study over four years which will enable Freemasons to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Freemasonry.

Each stage consists of eight assignments issued monthly from April.  Assessment work is submitted by the student after each assignment has been studied and is marked by a tutor who will assist the student through the four years of the course.  Additional source material is readily available from the Masonic Centre Library.

A certificate is issued after the successful completion of Stages 1, 2 and 3.  A Diploma in Masonic Education (Dip.M.Ed.) is awarded after the successful completion of Stage 4.  The successful diplomate may use Dip.M.Ed. after his name in all matters in Masonic circles only.  The awards are presented by the Grand Master at the April Communication of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory.

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